Where To Buy UZ Books

Where To Buy UZ Books

To purchase UZ books, visit your preferred online store or book retailer. Request the books if they are not in stock. Questions? Email us at support@ummzakiyyah.com  More information below:

For eBooks, CLICK HERE

Amazon Logo Available at Amazon

For Paperback, CLICK BELOW (based on your region):

USA (Amazon) or IslamicBookstore.com


United Kingdom


Nigeria: These shops deliver to ALL parts of Nigeria (see info below):

For readers in any part of NIGERIA, to get the books, Contact Tarbiyah Books Plus at https://tarbiyahbooksplus.com:

21 Blantyre Street, 3rd Floor, Wuse II, Abuja, Nigeria. Phone: +234 817 989 9990. Phone: +234 817 989 9991. Email: sales@tarbiyahbooksplus.com

Or contact AMAB Books (in Minna) facebook.com/AMABookshop/ at +234 812 933 3031

Please call or email them for their addresses, book availability, prices, and shipping options.
Paperback available at Amazon.com. CLICK HERE

Paperback available at Amazon.com. CLICK HERE

You can also download UZ eBooks here: ummzakiyyah.com/store

Questions? Email us at support@ummzakiyyah.com 

For wholesale orders, email us at wholesale@ummzakiyyah.com 


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  • emine Posted 2017-02-14 3:57 pm

    Hı. Was wondering if books can be sent out to Australia?

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