• Sara Posted 2014-02-24 12:13 pm


    Youtube is still banned in my country. Please can you upload it on vimeo or somewhere else.

  • Danii Posted 2014-02-24 7:50 pm

    JazakAllah khair, I’m really excited for this series – it’s definitely needed in the Muslim community.

  • sheria Posted 2014-06-25 12:19 am

    Alhamidulillah, thank you so much for this article. This whole year I have struggled with my faith because of the very things you mention along with other reasons. The only reason that keeps me Muslim is “La ilaha illallah”. That is one thing I can not deny. I definitely dont feel like I belong in any particular school of thought but struggle with finding confidence in this new identity as a new revert. May Allah keep me and you.

  • UM Posted 2016-05-08 10:38 pm

    There are many people like you sister. I am one. I wish I could write like you.

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