Interview with Former Pop Star Mizz Nina

Interview with Former Pop Star Mizz Nina
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Umm Zakiyyah’s interview with former pop star Mizz Nina:

Photo via Instagram @mizznina1780

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  1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, and what inspired you to take your faith journey and share it with others.

My name is Shazrina Azman but most people know me as ‘Mizznina’.  I am 35 years old, born and raised in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Alhamdulilah I had a wonderful happy childhood and developed a liking to sports, singing and dancing where eventually I decided to become a professional artist.

Photo via Instagram @mizznina1780

I was involved in the music, radio and entertainment industry since I was 16 yrs of age and I never really took my Deen seriously even though I was born into it. The beauty of the dunya had a very strong grip on my heart and I was blinded for many years, chasing after things which I thought was going to make me happy, but it only gave me a temporary feeling of goodness, and so I was chasing after it again and again like an addiction until one fine day, I said I had enough.

Unfortunately I realised this only when calamity struck, when my eldest brother who passed away in 2007. I was shocked and never had I imagined someone so close to me could go away. My heart shook and I started thinking about where he went and what happens to a soul after we die?

Alhamdulilah I have family and friends who guided me and they encouraged me to start praying again, and I did, slowly. Most importantly I let go of many negative relationships and situations in my life to be a better person, as I finally realized that death is real and it could happen at anytime.

At the age of 30, I had accepted the fact that I may never get married, but Allah knows best and has greater plans! I met my husband and we got married the following year at age 31. Through this gift from Allah, he encouraged me to become a stronger Muslim especially when it came to my 5 daily prayers. He then asked me the big question – When are you going to wear hijab? And that got me thinking and I started to ask myself and other friends who already did wear it, but at that time I was not ready.

Photo via Instagram @mizznina1780

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Fast forward 2 years and my mother asked me to go for hajj, this was my biggest turning point. I started going for Quran classes as I was determined to return from hajj a different Nina. The day of Arafah was when I realised my true purpose in life, and in Makkah I decided to submit myself completely to the one who made me. Alhamdulilah.

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  1. Also, please tell us how this beautiful partnership between you and Fara of Into Taqwa began and what current projects you are working on together. For those in and outside of Malaysia, how can they access and benefit from these programs?

I met Fara through some mutual friends early last year, and at that time I have no idea that we were going to do da’wah together. In time we grew to know each other better and we have many things in common, one of which is doing da’wah, alhamdulilah. She is such a beautiful soul mahsaAllah and I pray that Allah will reward her for her efforts, ameen. Currently I am an ambassador of Into Taqwa and assist Fara wherever I can. At this point I am hosting a show – Into Taqwa with Mizznina on Tv Alhijrah and will be taking part in the Scars Retreats. For updates please do follow Into Taqwa malaysia on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram (left to right): Mizz Nina, Fara Othman, and Aliza Kim @intotaqwa_malaysia

  1. MashaAllah, Allah has blessed so many to be inspired by both your faith journey and your professional endeavors. For those who don’t know about your modest fashion company Madeena by Mizz Nina, please tell us what inspired you to start it and what the company is about. Also, was the establishment of the company connected to your faith journey? If so, how?

Instagram: Model wearing Madeena by Mizz Nina @madeenamy

Instagram: Model wearing Madeena by Mizz Nina @madeenamy

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Alhamdulilah, when I made my hijrah, it was spiritual, physical and my career made a change too, from street wear to modest fashion, it was a natural progression for me. Madeena is a brand that promotes the beauty of modesty with ready to wear designs. I have also launched a new brand called Sawdaa, a slightly more edgier modest fashion line. My next collection will be available on this coming June inshaAllah.

Instagram: Model wearing Madeena by Mizz Nina @mizznina1780

Instagram: Madeena by Mizz Nina @madeenamy

Instagram: Model wearing Madeena by Mizz Nina @madeenamy

  1. In America, I encounter many young men and women who want to balance preserving their faith with pursuing their career goals, but they don’t know how. What advice would you give to the youth who are just starting out in practicing their faith and hope to follow their professional dreams at the same time?

Instagram: Mizz Nina doing spoken word @intotaqwa_malaysia @mizznina1780

My advice would be to do your best to not sacrifice too much of your Deen for dunya, go for gold but at the same time don’t forget your responsibilities towards Allah and the Deen, inshaAllah you will be ok!

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  1. How and where can we learn more about you and your professional and da’wahwork? Please share any websites and social media accounts we can follow.

Instagram photo of Mizz Nina @mizznina1780


Instagram: Mizz Nina @intotaqwa_malaysia

Do follow me on my social media platforms!

Facebook – Mizznina

Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, periscope – mizznina1780

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  • Rubaba Posted 2016-03-04 4:10 am

    You are a great role model to us UmmZakiyya. Wish I could have you as a direct mentor. Smiling! Jazaakumullaahu khair

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