Who Is Allah? 99 Names Edutainment Learning Package 

Awarding winning artist Khalil Ismail and bestselling author Umm Zakiyyah are teaming up with “LaunchGood” to bring you a one of a kind learning experience with the 99 Names of Allah: an engaging video, a digital song download (including voice-only version), a 4-book children’s packet, and a lyrics book for adults.

See Video for details on project.


It’s all or nothing, and it’s all up to you! 

Either we reach our $20,000 goal or this amazing project doesn’t happen. Every dollar counts! Help us bring this entertaining educational packet to every Muslim home. Starting March 15th, you can give to our LaunchGood page. But if you want to donate now, you can click the “Give Now” button on this page and we will count you toward the campaign. See the sponsorship levels at the bottom of the page.



Don’t stop with the book and song. Help us launch an app and video too! 

With $50,000 we can bring you an interactive Who Is Allah app to download to every iOs and Android. We will also add a video with text that further assists with learning.


Best Selling Author, Award Winning Artist

Khalil Ismail is an award-winning lyricist and artist and is a writer and producer  Khalil’s work has been featured on the Discovery Channel, PBS, and the NBA in the US. He is currently producing voice-only alternatives for his songs, including the bestselling songs “Allah” and this project’s own “99 Names”. He is the founder of Finding Peace Project, a community outreach organization,and is active in interfaith work.

For this groundbreaking project, he is partnering with Umm Zakiyyah, internationally acclaimed author of If I Should Speak and Muslim Girl. In addition to being the author of more than fourteen books, Umm Zakiyyah is an award-winning educator with a BA in elementary education and an MA in English language learning.


This project fuses Khalil Ismail’s soul-stirring talents in video, art, and song with Umm Zakiyyah’s expertise in education and inspirational writing to produce a moving, interactive song-book package designed for both adults and children to learn the Names of Allah, their meanings, and how to understand them in real life.

How You Can Help and what you’ll receive.

$10 get 99 Names original song digital download and voice only version

$25 get 99 Names original song and voice only version, and lyrics book for adults.

$100 donation all of above and 5 book set signed by UZ & KI

$500 all of above and Company logo on website

$1000 all of above and Company logo and/or website on a page of one book in the 5-book collection

$2500 or more: all of above and Company logo and/or website on a page in every book in 5-book collection

$5,000 Company logo and/or website on a page in every book in 5-book collection and featured on children’s Allah song video.

$10,000 or more: all of above and Company logo and/or website featured on children’s Allah song video, and company banner on order page of book for one year

*NOTE: If we are blessed to go beyond our donation goal inshaaAllah, you will still be featured (as detailed) if you donate $1000 or more.